# Simulator

iOS, watchOS and tvOS Simulators are great ways to test your apps without using an actual device. Here we will talk about working with Simulators.

# Launching Simulator

You should go to Xcode -> Open Developer Tool:

enter image description here

Using "Simulator", you could run iOS and tvOS, but "Simulator (Watch)" will only run watchOS.

# 3D / Force Touch simulation

Go to Hardware -> Touch Pressure:

enter image description here

To simulate a normal press, use Shift-Command-1 and a deep one, Shift-Command-2.

If your MacBook has a Force Touch trackpad, you could use your trackpad force to simulate 3D / Force Touch.

# Change Device Model

Go to Hardware -> Device:

enter image description here

# Home button

You should use Shift-Command-H to have an animation when closing an app.

# Lock

To lock the device, use Command-L.

# Rotation

Use Command with arrow keys.

# Remarks

# Different Types of Simulators

  • iOS Simulator
  • watchOS Simulator
  • tvOS Simulator
  • Touch Bar Simulator

There is no simulator for macOS, because Xcode is run on macOS and whenever needed, it will run the apps native.

# Getting Help

You could always visit Simulator help at Help -> Simulator help:

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