# Fastlane

# fastlane tools

fastlane (opens new window) is an open source build automation tool for Android and iOS for developers. It reduce your build generation time. It is a command line tool that uses Ruby (opens new window), so you need Ruby on your computer. Most Macs already have Ruby installed by default.

# Install fastlane

  1. Open a terminal.
  2. Run sudo gem install fastlane --verbose
  3. If you haven’t installed the Xcode command-line tools yet, run xcode-select --install to install them
  4. Now, cd into your project folder (type cd [with the space at the end] and drag your project folder into the terminal)
  5. Run fastlane init to get fastlane setup.
  6. Now you can able to use all the Fastlane tools:

# iOS Tools

# iOS TestFlight Tools

# Android Tools