# MyLayout

MyLayout is a simple and easy objective-c framework for iOS view layout. MyLayout provides some simple functions to build a variety of complex interface. It integrates the functions including: Autolayout and SizeClass of iOS, five layout classes of Android, float and flex-box and bootstrap of HTML/CSS. you can visit from:

Objective-C: https://github.com/youngsoft/MyLinearLayout (opens new window) Swift: https://github.com/youngsoft/TangramKit (opens new window)

# A Simple Demo to use MyLayout

  • There is a container view S which width is 100 and height is wrap to all subviews height. there are four subviews A,B,C,D arranged from top to bottom.
  • Subview A's left margin is 20% width of S, right margin is 30% width of S, height is equal to width of A.
  • Subview B's left margin is 40, width is filled in to residual width of S,height is 40. Subview C's width is filled in to S, height is

      like below figure: