# Code signing

# Provisioning Profiles

In order to build an IPA file in XCode, you require to sign your application with a certificate and provisioning profile. These can be created at https://developer.apple.com/account/ios/profile/create (opens new window)

# Provisioning Profile Types

Provisioning Profiles are split into two types, Development, and Distribution:

# Development

  • iOS App Development / tvOS App Development - used in development in order to install your app onto a test device.

# Distribution

  • App Store / tvOS App Store - used to sign your application for app store upload.
  • In House - Used for Enterprise distribution of your app, to devices within your business.
  • Ad Hoc / tvOS Ad Hoc - Used to distribute your app to a limited number of specific devices (e.g. you will need to know the UDIDs of the devices you want to install your app to).