# Inspecting packages

Packages build on base R. This document explains how to inspect installed packages and their functionality. Related Docs: Installing packages (opens new window)

# View package information

To retrieve information about dplyr package and its functions' descriptions:

help(package = "dplyr")

No need to load the package first.

# View package's built-in data sets

To see built-in data sets from package dplyr

data(package = "dplyr")

No need to load the package first.

# List a package's exported functions

To get the list of functions within package dplyr, we first must load the package:


# View Package Version

Conditions: package should be at least installed. If not loaded in the current session, not a problem.

 ## Checking package version which was installed at past or 
  ## installed currently but not loaded in the current session

  # [1] ‘3.3.3’
  # [1] ‘0.4.29’

# View Loaded packages in Current Session

To check the list of loaded packages




# Remarks

The Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) is the primary package repository (opens new window).