# Object Oriented Programming In C#

This topic try to tell us how we can write programs based on OOP approach.But we don't try to teach Object Oriented Programming paradigm. We'll be covering following topics: Classes,Properties,Inheritance,Polymorphism,Interfaces and so on.

# Classes:

Skeleton of declaring class is:



[private/public/protected/internal] class <Desired Class Name> [:[Inherited class][,][[Interface Name 1],[Interface Name 2],...]
    //Your code

Don't worry if you can't understand whole syntax,We'll be get familiar with all part of that.for first example consider following class:

class MyClass
    int i = 100;
    public void getMyValue()
        Console.WriteLine(this.i);//Will print number 100 in output

in this class we create variable i with int type and with default private Access Modifiers (opens new window) and getMyValue() method with public access modifiers.