# Package management

PowerShell Package Management allows you to find, install, update and uninstall PowerShell Modules and other packages.

PowerShellGallery.com (opens new window) is the default source for PowerShell modules. You can also browse the site for available packages, command and preview the code.

# Find a PowerShell module using a pattern

To find a module that ends with DSC

Find-Module -Name *DSC

# Create the default PowerShell Module Reposity

If for some reason, the default PowerShell module repository PSGallery gets removed. You will need to create it. This is the command.

Register-PSRepository -Default 

# Find a module by name

Find-Module -Name <Name>

# Install a Module by name

Install-Module -Name <name>

# Uninstall a module my name and version

Uninstall-Module -Name <Name> -RequiredVersion <Version>

# Update a module by name

Update-Module -Name <Name>