# Calculated Properties

Calculated Properties in Powershell are custom derived(Calculated) properties. It lets the user to format a certain property in a way he want it to be. The calculation(expression) can be a quite possibly anything.

# Display file size in KB - Calculated Properties

Let's consider the below snippet,

Get-ChildItem -Path C:\MyFolder | Select-Object Name, CreationTime, Length

It simply output the folder content with the selected properties. Something like,

Plain Properties (opens new window)

What if I want to display the file size in KB ? This is where calcualted properties comes handy.

Get-ChildItem C:\MyFolder | Select-Object Name, @{Name="Size_In_KB";Expression={$_.Length / 1Kb}}

Which produces,

enter image description here (opens new window)

The Expression is what holds the calculation for calculated property. And yes, it can be anything!