# Events

# Page, DOM and Browser loading

This is an example to explain the variations of load events.

  1. onload event
<body onload="someFunction()">
<img src="image1" />
<img src="image2" />

    function someFunction() {
    console.log("Hi! I am loaded");

In this case, the message is logged once all the contents of the page including the images and stylesheets(if any) are completely loaded.

  • **DOMContentLoaded event**
    document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) {
        console.log("Hello! I am loaded");
  • In the above code, the message is logged only after the DOM/document is loaded (ie:once the DOM is constructed).

  • **Self-invoking anonymous function**
        console.log("Hi I am an anonymous function! I am loaded");
  • Here, the message gets logged as soon as the browser interprets the anonymous function. It means, this function can get executed even before the DOM is loaded.