# Digit separators

# Digit Separator

Numeric literals of more than a few digits are hard to read.

  • Pronounce 7237498123.
  • Compare 237498123 with 237499123 for equality.
  • Decide whether 237499123 or 20249472 is larger.

C++14 define Simple Quotation Mark ' as a digit separator, in numbers and user-defined literals. This can make it easier for human readers to parse large numbers.

long long decn = 1'000'000'000ll;
long long hexn = 0xFFFF'FFFFll; 
long long octn = 00'23'00ll;
long long binn = 0b1010'0011ll;

Single quotes mark are ignored when determining its value.


  • The literals `1048576`, `1'048'576`, `0X100000`, `0x10'0000`, and `0'004'000'000` all have the same value.
  • - The literals `1.602'176'565e-19` and `1.602176565e-19` have the same value.

    The position of the single quotes is irrelevant. All the following are equivalent:

    long long a1 = 123456789ll;
    long long a2 = 123'456'789ll; 
    long long a3 = 12'34'56'78'9ll;
    long long a4 = 12345'6789ll;

    It is also allowed in user-defined literals:

    std::chrono::seconds tiempo = 1'674'456s + 5'300h;