# Copying (cp)

# Copy a single file

Copy foo.txt from /path/to/source/ to /path/to/target/folder/

cp /path/to/source/foo.txt /path/to/target/folder/

Copy foo.txt from /path/to/source/ to /path/to/target/folder/ into a file called bar.txt

cp /path/to/source/foo.txt /path/to/target/folder/bar.txt

# Copy folders

copy folder foo into folder bar

cp -r /path/to/foo /path/to/bar

if folder bar exists before issuing the command, then foo and its content will be copied into the folder bar. However, if bar does not exist before issuing the command, then the folder bar will be created and the content of foo will be placed into bar

# Syntax

  • cp [options] source destination

# Parameters

Option Description
-a,-archive Combines the d, p and r options
-b, -backup Before removal, makes a backup
-d, --no-deference Preserves links
-f, --force Remove existing destinations without prompting user
-i, --interactive Show prompt before overwriting
-l, --link Instead of copying, link files instead
-p, --preserve Preserve file attributes when possible
-R, --recursive Recursively copy directories