# Concatenating strings

# Concatenate an array of strings using the Join function

'Declare and assign a string array
Dim widgetNames(2) As String
widgetNames(0) = "foo"
widgetNames(1) = "bar"
widgetNames(2) = "fizz"

'Concatenate with Join and separate each element with a 3-character string
concatenatedString = VBA.Strings.Join(widgetNames, " > ")
'concatenatedString = "foo > bar > fizz"

'Concatenate with Join and separate each element with a zero-width string
concatenatedString = VBA.Strings.Join(widgetNames, vbNullString)
'concatenatedString = "foobarfizz"

# Concatenate strings using the & operator

Const string1 As String = "foo"
Const string2 As String = "bar"
Const string3 As String = "fizz"
Dim concatenatedString As String

'Concatenate two strings
concatenatedString = string1 & string2
'concatenatedString = "foobar"

'Concatenate three strings
concatenatedString = string1 & string2 & string3
'concatenatedString = "foobarfizz"

# Remarks

Strings can be concatenated, or joined together, using one or more concatenation operator &.

String arrays can also be concatenated using the Join function and providing a string (which can be zero-length) to be used between each array element.