# Adding an Amazon RDS to your rails application

Steps to create an AWS RDS instance and configure your database.yml file by installing the required connectors.

# Consider we are connecting MYSQL RDS with your rails application.

Steps to create MYSQL database

  1. Login to amazon account and select RDS service
  2. Select Launch DB Instance from the instance tab
  3. By defaul MYSQL Community Edition will be selected, hence click the select button
  4. Select the database purpose, say production and click next step
  5. Provide the mysql version, storage size, DB Instance Identifier, Master Username and Password and click next step
  6. Enter Database Name and click Launch DB Instance
  7. Please wait until all the instance gets created. Once the instance gets created you will find an Endpoint, copy this entry point (which is referred as hostname)

Installing connectors

Add the MySQL database adapter to your project's gemfile,

gem 'mysql2'

Install your added gems,

bundle install

Some other database adapters are,

  • gem 'pg' for PostgreSQL
  • gem 'activerecord-oracle_enhanced-adapter' for Oracle
  • gem 'sql_server' for SQL Server

Configure your project's database.yml file Open your config/database.yml file

  adapter: mysql2
  encoding: utf8
  database: <%= RDS_DB_NAME %>  # Which you have entered you creating database
  username: <%= RDS_USERNAME %> # db master username
  password: <%= RDS_PASSWORD %> # db master password
  host: <%= RDS_HOSTNAME %>     # db instance entrypoint
  port: <%= RDS_PORT %>         # db post. For MYSQL 3306