# Windows authentication under node.js

# Using activedirectory

The example below is taken from the full docs, available here (GitHub) (opens new window) or here (NPM) (opens new window).

# Installation

npm install --save activedirectory

# Usage

// Initialize
var ActiveDirectory = require('activedirectory');
var config = {
    url: 'ldap://dc.domain.com',
    baseDN: 'dc=domain,dc=com'
var ad = new ActiveDirectory(config);
var username = 'john.smith@domain.com';
var password = 'password';
// Authenticate
ad.authenticate(username, password, function(err, auth) {
    if (err) {
        console.log('ERROR: '+JSON.stringify(err));
    if (auth) {
    else {
        console.log('Authentication failed!');

# Remarks

There are several other Active Directory APIS, such as activedirectory2 (opens new window) and adldap (opens new window).