# Scheduled Task or Job

# Create a scheduled Job

Create a Job

  • To add a job first we have to use a stored procedure named [sp_add_job](https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms187358.aspx)
    USE msdb ;  
    EXEC dbo.sp_add_job  
    @job_name = N'Weekly Job' ;  -- the job name
  • Then we have to add a job step using a stored procedure named [sp_add_jobStep](https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms178625.aspx)
    EXEC sp_add_jobstep  
    @job_name = N'Weekly Job',  -- Job name to add a step
    @step_name = N'Set database to read only',  -- step name
    @subsystem = N'TSQL',  -- Step type
    @command = N'ALTER DATABASE SALES SET READ_ONLY',   -- Command
    @retry_attempts = 5,  --Number of attempts
    @retry_interval = 5 ; -- in minutes
  • Target the job to a server
    EXEC dbo.sp_add_jobserver  
    @job_name = N'Weekly Sales Data Backup',
    @server_name = 'MyPC\data;   -- Default is LOCAL
  • Create a schedule using SQL

    To Create a schedule we have to use a system stored procedure called sp_add_schedule (opens new window)

    USE msdb 
    EXEC sp_add_schedule  
        @schedule_name = N'NightlyJobs' ,  -- specify the schedule name
        @freq_type = 4,   -- A value indicating when a job is to be executed (4) means Daily
        @freq_interval = 1,  -- The days that a job is executed and depends on the value of `freq_type`.
        @active_start_time = 010000 ;   -- The time on which execution of a job can begin

    There are more parameters that can be used with sp_add_schedule you can read more about in the the link provided above.

    Attaching schedule to a JOB

    To attach a schedule to an SQL agent job you have to use a stored procedure called sp_attach_schedule (opens new window)

    -- attaches the schedule to the job BackupDatabase  
    EXEC sp_attach_schedule  
       @job_name = N'BackupDatabase',  -- The job name to attach with
       @schedule_name = N'NightlyJobs' ;  -- The schedule name