# Initializing Matrices or arrays

# Creating a matrix of 0s

z1 = zeros(5); % Create a 5-by-5 matrix of zeroes
z2 = zeros(2,3); % Create a 2-by-3 matrix

# Creating a matrix of 1s

o1 = ones(5); % Create a 5-by-5 matrix of ones
o2 = ones(1,3); % Create a 1-by-3 matrix / vector of size 3

# Creating an identity matrix

i1 = eye(3); % Create a 3-by-3 identity matrix
i2 = eye(5,6); % Create a 5-by-6 identity matrix

# Syntax

  • Z = zeros(sz,datatype,arraytype)
  • X = ones(sz,datatype)
  • I = eye(sz,datatype)

# Parameters

Parameter Details
sz n (for an n x n matrix)
sz n, m (for an n x m matrix)
sz m,n,...,k (for an m-by-n-by-...-by-k matrix)
datatype 'double' (default), 'single', 'int8', 'uint8', 'int16', 'uint16', 'int32', 'uint32', 'int64', or 'uint64'
arraytype 'distributed'
arraytype 'codistributed'
arraytype 'gpuArray'

# Remarks

These functions will create a matrix of doubles, by default.