# EXTENSION dblink and postgres_fdw

# Extention FDW

FDW is an implimentation of dblink it is more helpful, so to use it:

1-Create an extention:

CREATE EXTENSION postgres_fdw;

2-Create SERVER:

CREATE SERVER name_srv FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER postgres_fdw OPTIONS (host 'hostname', 
dbname 'bd_name', port '5432');

3-Create user mapping for postgres server

CREATE USER MAPPING FOR postgres SERVER name_srv OPTIONS(user 'postgres', password 'password');

4-Create foreign table:

CREATE FOREIGN TABLE table_foreign (id INTEGER, code character varying) 
SERVER name_srv OPTIONS(schema_name 'schema', table_name 'table');

5-use this foreign table like it is in your database:

SELECT * FROM table_foreign;

# Foreign Data Wrapper

To access complete schema of server db instead of single table. Follow below steps:

  1. Create EXTENSION :

  2. Create SERVER :

  3. Create USER MAPPING:

  4. Create new schema to access schema of server DB:

  5. Import server schema:

  6. Access any table of server schema:

This can be used to access multiple schema of remote DB.

dblink EXTENSION is a technique to connect another database and make operation of this database so to do that you need:

1-Create a dblink extention:


2-Make your operation:

For exemple Select some attribute from another table in another database:

dblink ('dbname = bd_distance port = 5432 host = user = username 
password = passw@rd', 'SELECT id, code FROM schema.table') 
AS newTable(id INTEGER, code character varying);

# Syntax

  • dblink ('dbname = name_db_distance port = PortOfDB host = HostOfDB user = usernameDB password = passwordDB', 'MY QUESRY')

  • dbname = name of the database
  • port = Port Of the database
  • host = Host Of the database
  • user = username of the database
  • password = password of the database',
  • MY QUESRY = this can be any operation i want to do SELECT, INSERT, ...