# Presentation with beamer package

# Simple one author title slide





\title[Short topic]{Awesome long topic}

\author[Name]{Full name}

\institute[Institute short form]{Full name of institute}





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# Multiple author and affiliation title slide



\title[]{ABCDE for analysis of PQRS systems}

\author[] {

     AA AAAA \inst{1}
      \and BB BBBB \inst{1}

      \and CC CCCC \inst{1}

      \and DD DDDD \inst{1} 

      \and EE EEEE\inst{2}

      \and FF FFFF\inst{3}

      \and GG GGGG \inst{3}}



   Department of UV, Univ. of XYZ


   Department of MN, Univ. of XYZ 


   Advanced Centre for PQR








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# Parameters

theme AnnArbor
color theme seahoarse

# Remarks

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