# Controllers

In this section i will add an example for the Spring boot rest controller with Get and post request.

# Spring boot rest controller.

In this example i will show how to formulate an rest controller to get and post data to the database using JPA with the most ease and least code.

In this example we will refer to the data table named buyerRequirement .


@Entity @Table(name = "BUYINGREQUIREMENTS") @NamedQueries({ @NamedQuery(name = "BuyingRequirement.findAll", query = "SELECT b FROM BuyingRequirement b")}) public class BuyingRequirement extends Domain implements Serializable { private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

@Column(name = "PRODUCT_NAME", nullable = false)
private String productname;

@Column(name = "NAME", nullable = false)
private String name;

@Column(name = "MOBILE", nullable = false)
private String mobile;

@Column(name = "EMAIL", nullable = false)
private String email;

@Column(name = "CITY")
private String city;

public BuyingRequirement() {

public String getProductname() {
    return productname;

public void setProductname(String productname) {
    this.productname = productname;

public String getName() {
    return name;

public void setName(String name) {
    this.name = name;

public String getMobile() {
    return mobile;

public void setMobile(String mobile) {
    this.mobile = mobile;

public String getEmail() {
    return email;

public void setEmail(String email) {
    this.email = email;

public String getCity() {
    return city;

public void setCity(String city) {
    this.city = city;


This is the entity class which includes the parameter referring to columns in byuingRequirement table and their getters and setters.

IBuyingRequirementsRepository.java(JPA interface)

public interface IBuyingRequirementsRepository extends JpaRepository<BuyingRequirement, UUID> {
   // Page<BuyingRequirement> findAllByOrderByCreatedDesc(Pageable pageable);
    Page<BuyingRequirement> findAllByOrderByCreatedDesc(Pageable pageable);
    Page<BuyingRequirement> findByNameContainingIgnoreCase(@Param("name") String name, Pageable pageable);


public class BuyingRequirementController {

    IBuyingRequirementsRepository iBuyingRequirementsRepository;
    Email email = new Email();

    BuyerRequirementTemplate buyerRequirementTemplate = new BuyerRequirementTemplate();

    private String To = "support@pharmerz.com";
    // private String To = "amigujarathi@gmail.com";
    private String Subject = "Buyer Request From Pharmerz ";

    @PostMapping(value = "/buyingRequirement")
    public ResponseEntity<BuyingRequirement> CreateBuyingRequirement(@RequestBody BuyingRequirement buyingRequirements) {

        String productname = buyingRequirements.getProductname();
        String name = buyingRequirements.getName();
        String mobile = buyingRequirements.getMobile();
        String emails = buyingRequirements.getEmail();
        String city = buyingRequirements.getCity();
        if (city == null) {
            city = "-";

        String HTMLBODY = buyerRequirementTemplate.template(productname, name, emails, mobile, city);

        email.SendMail(To, Subject, HTMLBODY);

        return new ResponseEntity<BuyingRequirement>(buyingRequirements, HttpStatus.CREATED);

    @GetMapping(value = "/buyingRequirements")
    public Page<BuyingRequirement> getAllBuyingRequirements(Pageable pageable) {

        Page requirements = iBuyingRequirementsRepository.findAllByOrderByCreatedDesc(pageable);
        return requirements;

    @GetMapping(value = "/buyingRequirmentByName/{name}")
    public Page<BuyingRequirement> getByName(@PathVariable String name,Pageable pageable){
        Page buyersByName = iBuyingRequirementsRepository.findByNameContainingIgnoreCase(name,pageable);

        return buyersByName;

It includes there method

  1. Post method which post data to the database .
  2. Get method which fetch all records from buyingRequirement table.
  3. This is also a get method which will find the buying requirement by the person's name.